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#SELFIE Bulletin Board

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Every year during back to school time one of my biggest struggles is coming up with fun things to put on the bulletin boards that are usually full of student artwork. No one likes coming back to school to empty bulletin boards! I thought I'd share an idea that I and another art teacher at my school came up with. It's so simple but so fun: Instagram, but with famous artists.

We made an instagram logo (you can tell this was from a few years ago) and added the paintbrush just for fun. The part I love most about this is the fake instagram posts I created.

I decided to go with a few famous self portraits and caption them "#selfie." Maybe some of my high schoolers would roll their eyes at it, but I think it's fun. If you want to grab these for your own use, you can find them on my TPT here!

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